Brake Pads & Shoes

Made from premium quality materials and heavily tested by our R&D department, Goodridge Brake Pads are engineered to provide the best performance and durability for race and road.

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G/ST series

These pads are made from Kevlar fibre in conjunction with other high tech fibres and are a superb all round replacement for all levels of motorcycle and rider. The G/ST range are extremely popular with riders who prefer the “feel” of organic pads. They have been proven to be the best general purpose pad on the market.

G/CS series

These pads are a carbon/sport formula for off road/MX sport use. They are suitable for dry dusty conditions.

G/CM series

These pads are the highest durability metallic compound for ATV & moto-x riding. They are suitable for all conditions including mud and extreme weather.

GV series

The GV range are a semi-sintered pad for big twins and cruisers. They are also suited for rear applications on sport bikes where the GH range is not used to its full potential. They are the next step up from the ST.

GH series

Made in the USA the GH range are a sintered metal brake pad for fast street use. They have set the levels by which other pads are judged in the European market. Boasting the highest “GH” friction rating and a lifetime which is the envy of the competition. The GH range offers huge mileage, is perfect for hot, cold or wet conditions and provide a consistent performance throughout.

RGH series

The RGH metal brake pad is for road race use. These pads are made in the USA and have an unprecedented 0.68 friction level delivering massive stopping power on all street/sport bikes while being kind to discs. They are made from sintered copper alloy like original pads for longer life and perfect braking under all conditions.

Brake Shoes

We stock a complete range of brake shoes to suit all applications. Our shoes are made with high pressure die cast alloys and out perform the competition.


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